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Stone Types

Stone Flooring

The options available in stone type, colour and shape ensures stone floors will be aesthetically pleasing whilst achieving the highest-quality finish. It is a striking floor application which offers durability and longevity.

Over time stone can become worn with surface scratches, scuffs and staining. We are passionate about our stone cleaning and restoration approaches; we have invested in state-of-the-art industrial machinery that cleans and restores your precious stone floor to like-new.

We are happy to discuss your options, timescales and any questions you may have. Our work will be completed quickly and efficiently, reducing disruption to your home or business.

Some stone tiles available are;

Flagstone Flooring: Flagstones can help add quality and refinement. Out of any stone type, flagstone tiles are known to suit both internal and external flooring projects. Their appeal stems from their range in colours, size and texture whilst achieving timeless appeal.

Granite Tiles: Granite is an incredibly hard-wearing, striking, and easy-to-clean natural stone. It makes the ultimate statement in design and lifestyle and offers longevity and durability. Natural graining in the rock promotes this as a sophisticated stone choice.

Limestone Tiles: this tile choice is well-suited for design conscious clients. Limestone is classic in its style with an array of shades, textures and colour, skilled craftsmanship in installation and careful maintenance will ensure this stone flooring lasts a lifetime.

Marble Tiles: suit both traditional and contemporary interiors with premium grade tiles. Due to its dense and hard-wearing nature marble flooring can be used in all areas of the home. You will find marble is widely used in both domestic and commercial properties.

Quarry Tiles: this authentic and rustic stone creates a sophisticated style. Its timeless geometric shapes and earthy tones are often set off with bespoke borders. The versatility of quarry tiles is unparalleled in its uses, from kitchens, entrance halls and patios to shopping malls, hotel foyers, public buildings and industrial installations both internal and external.

Sandstone Tiles: sandstone is naturally absorbent so advice should be sought when installing these tiles in your home; they should be sealed with a stone-specific sealer to offer the best-possible resistance against liquid spills.

Slate Tiles: The standard range of slate tiles offers limitless scope to create a floor of great individuality. Slate is available in anti-slip finishes; this tactile stone therefore is fitting for a range of settings.

Terracotta Tiles: with its links to warmer climates, Terracotta tiles are a natural, warming and durable stone type. It retains heat and is ideal for spaces with under floor heating systems; Terracotta is an eye-catching and tasteful alternative.

Terrazzo Tiles: this tile is virtually impermeable because it is a man-made stone. It is a composite material, poured in place or more regularly precast. This produces a stone that is unlikely to chip or crack which propels it for use in areas where there is high-foot traffic or where there are varying temperatures.

Travertine Tiles: they are extremely durable as well as being practically maintenance-free and satisfy all of the technical and aesthetic demands imposed by each individual application. These tiles are available in tumbled, brushed, honed and polished varieties.

We aim to set ourselves apart from our competition in the use of patented cleaning technology, solutions and treatments. We are qualified and experienced with a deep-rooted appreciation that customer service has to be given the highest priority without exception.

We invite you to call us today to discuss how we can help with your stone restoration project.