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Your Guide to Stone Finishes

By On September 1, 2016 Under Stone Floor Cleaning

It is often the case that when we are completing stone floor restoration work that an area that clients find difficult to understand is the process of selecting a stone finish.

The ability to do this successfully comes from long-standing experience and a wealth of knowledge that is required to produce exceptional results for all stone restoration projects that we take on.

So here goes; here is a little information about stone finishes that will leave you well-informed when discussing your project with your chosen professional:

Polished Marble Tiles WiltshireThere are three primary finishes and these are:

  • Polished
  • Honed
  • Flamed

Polished Stone Finishes

This type of finish offers a glossy surface that is created by repeatedly buffing the stone tiles until the desired level of sheen is achieved. The result is a tile surface that is reflective and really emphasises markings in the tiles and its colour.

Did you know… a polished tile, once finished, offers an impervious surface which means that they are likely to better withstand weather and chemical fluctuations.

Honed Stone Finishes

Honed stone tiles WiltshireOnce again the stone surface is smoothed, however, this time to a less-reflective finish. Although the restoration process is the same up to this point, a honed tile will not require any buffing. Honed tiles are used in a wide range of settings and can offer easy maintenance.

Flamed Stone Finishes

The name of this type of finish is exactly as it states; flames are directed at the stone which causes the surface layer to burst, effectively becoming rough. Whilst this is happening, cold water is applied in order to cool the tile down.

Don’t forget… this process is not best-suited to some stone types and may be best used for an area that requires slip resistance.

There are other finishes that can be discussed, however the above three shows an insight into the options available and the incredible skill set that is required to offer this service.

Call our helpful staff today on 0800 695 7770; we will carefully discuss the process required and any limitations that may occur.

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