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Professional Limestone Cleaning Wiltshire

By On September 30, 2016 No Comments

If you asked someone about Limestone tiles it is likely that most would know exactly what you’re talking about. They are one of the most popular natural tiles and offer huge variation for the creation of unique stone floors.

Not every stone tile can be used in both traditional and contemporary properties. These tiles are available in different colourations but the most recognised is cream-coloured hue.

This video was created in order to discuss the benefits that professional stone cleaning can provide. These benefits are wide-ranging and will likely leave you feeling confident of the incredible results that can be achieved with the correct knowledge.

What Can Able Stonecare Offer You?

We will be able to offer superior finishes as our industrial machinery has been specially designed to seamlessly restore stone floors. This machinery, combined with carefully selected products produces the best-achievable finish.

We will always complete the work in a timely manner as our equipment is able to deep clean the tiles efficiently. We also have industrial driers that speed up the drying process.

We are qualified to offer advice with regards to regular maintenance. This means that you receive real value for money and the floors will be left looking their best for as long as possible.

It is said that stone flooring adds value to your property. It is therefore an obvious statement that there is real incentive to keep the stone floor looking great. A beautifully restored floor will be welcoming where as a dull, lack-lustred one will be un-inviting.

Do you have a limestone floor that needs restoring? It may be that you want some advice on what results can be achieved by our professional stone cleaning services. We would be happy to discuss your options and provide you with a no obligation quotation. Call today on 0800 6957770.

Five Benefits of Professional Limestone Cleaning

By On November 28, 2015 No Comments

Limestone is an extremely eye-catching and refined natural stone tile and is enormously popular in both classic and contemporary properties.

Dirty and worn limestone floors can look unsightly and uninviting so we have formulated the following give benefits of our services that will leave you feeling confident that professional restoration services will offer a superior clean.

Benefit 1: We are able to offer superior finishes that cannot be achieved if you complete the work yourself. Industrial rotary machinery is used, reaching into edges and corners, offering a seamlessly restored limestone floor.

Limestone WiltshireBenefit 2: The work we complete will be accomplished quickly and efficiently, using equipment that offers reduced drying times for your stone flooring.

Benefit 3: We are qualified to offer advice on a maintenance programme to ensure the results are long-lasting.

Benefit 4: We have access to the best possible, stone-specific products. This will ensure your stone tiles are well-cared for and not damaged during the stone restoration process.

Benefit 5: Beautifully restored limestone tiles will likely add value to your home or business. The longevity of stone floor tiles is widely-appealing and they work well for families. They are easy to clean and maintain and they become a feature of the property that will promote appeal when looking to sell.

Clean Limestone floors are so appealing and attractive; if you would like to arrange a quotation we would invite you to call today on 0800 695 7770.

Too frequently are we faced with clients who have experienced unsatisfactory stone cleaning services from other companies; this is unacceptable. Our services provide value for money whilst achieving the most striking restoration results for your limestone flooring.

Stone Cleaning Newbury

By On December 10, 2014 No Comments

Tiled Floor NewburyWe often discuss the stone cleaning process and what is involved; part of this process is sealing stone tiles that we have previously deep cleaned. Stone sealers provide stain protection but they also offer protection from structural damage to natural stone tiles.

This can be a range of deteriorating elements such as liquid, salt, moulds and temperature fluctuations. This quality impregnating seal offers a lifespan of up to 20 years. It is vital to the overall success of any stone restoration job that only the best product formulations are used.

We were invited to deep clean and polish this limestone flooring in Newbury. Once this process had been completed, stone sealer was applied. This specialist seal penetrates deep into the pores but does not form a barrier to block them.

Stone Cleaning NewburyImpregnating sealers effectively protect tiles against cleaning chemicals, foot traffic and even sunlight. For high foot traffic areas it also provides a slip-resistant surface.

The limestone tiles were transformed and our client was incredibly pleased with the result that we achieved. All areas of the home were protected during the intensive process of deep cleaning. Due to the desired finish requested, the tiles were the fully polished once cleaned.

It is important that any tiled floor is protected against daily wear and tear and general usage. Even the most careful homeowner cannot protect their beautiful floors from these elements but by using only the best-available products, it will mean that you will leave your floor best-equipped to be protected against these factors.

If you would like to discuss stone sealing options and costs of stone cleaning we invite you to call us on 0800 695 7770. Our friendly staff will be happy to help with your enquiry.

Polishing Limestone Tiles Oxford

By On June 11, 2014 No Comments

The variations of limestone flooring available are vast and this is likely one of the factors that make this natural stone flooring incredibly popular. As well as varying colourations and tile shapes, different stone finishes can be achieved with professional stone restoration services.

Polishing Limestone Oxford Limestone Floor Oxford










This forms part of our comprehensive and tailored service. On inspection of your stone floor, we take the time to discuss any areas of concern that you may have and the finishes that are achievable. We realise that this is an area of floor restoration that is completely personal and will inevitably play a pivotal role in the overall success of our work.

Limestone Restoration OxfordOur client wanted a high-shine finish to her limestone tiles so they were fully ground flat and then polished to a reflective finish using diamond abrasives. We are well-equipped and time-served professionals and take every opportunity to provide each and every client with confidence that they are dealing with a specialist that cares deeply about the finishes that we achieve and about our customers.

These images show the incredible transformation that we achieved and the limestone floor was left looking like new. Our state-of-the-art machinery allows us to offer superior results, efficiently. We also take the time to leave our clients well-informed about best-rated cleaning products and techniques to make sure that our results are long-lasting.

Have you got a question about restoring limestone floors? We also offer a grout re-colouring service if you are tired of looking at dirty grout lines. Cleaning grout is one of our most popular services and grout re-colouring uses an epoxy sealer which is applied to old, stained grout joints, transforming the look. This services also offers a 10 year guarantee.

Please call 0800 695 7770 with any enquiries; we look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Limestone Cleaning Swindon

By On September 4, 2013 No Comments

Limestone floor tiles are growing in popularity and are so distinctively beautiful.

Limestone Cleaning SwindonWe were invited to restore these limestone tiles in Swindon; over time they had become dull in appearance and were stained and scuffed.

We have invested time and funding into ensuring we can provide the best stone cleaning and restoration services. Stains can be removed using our specialist poultice process.

We then use our industrial grinding and cleaning machinery and high quality diamond abrasives in the restoration process. Our comprehensive services provide fast and efficient results every time without fail.

Limestone Cleaning WiltshireWe take great pride in our work and before and after pictures really do speak for themselves. Able Stonecare provide limestone cleaning, limestone crack repair and fix problems associated with using incorrect cleaning products.

We are happy to discuss the cleaning and restoration process and will leave you equipped with a regular maintenance programme once the job has been completed to your satisfaction.

We work to earn your repeat business and recommendations through providing a first-class service without exception.

Please call Mark on 0800 695 7770 with any limestone restoration enquiries.