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Archive for the ‘Grout Cleaning’ Category

Grout Recolouring Aylesbury

By On January 27, 2017 No Comments

These images show a grout recolouring project that we undertook in Aylesbury. The total job required 100m2 to be serviced. Our client was absolutely delighted with the finish and the protection offered by this great product.

Grout Recolouring AylesburyPlease find below some more information that we feel you may find helpful if you are considering grout recolouring.

There is a huge range of colours that are available which means that there is a selection of colours that will best-match your individual floor.

The incredible element of this service is that it offers new-looking grout without the mess and cost of re-grouting.

Grouting is used in order to secure stone tiles and to protect the subfloor from moisture. As so many people experience; over time this becomes dirty and unsightly. Particles and dirt from shoes collect on the floor and in particularly, grout lines.

The cleaning process can also work to push dirt and bacteria into the grout lines, increasing the speed to which grout looks dirty. Grout in itself is a porous material so the dirt pushed into the lines cannot be removed as it can be on the surface of a sealed tile.

Grout Recolouring WiltshireRecolouring your grout also gives you the option to select a different colour. Many modern applications how have a contrasting grout colour that works to complement their tiles.

It may also be that you are looking for a change. This is your chance! There really is an option to suit all requirements.

There is a host of information available to ensure that your grout remains looking at its best, once treated.

These products will not only keep the grout looking great, but it will also ensure that the lifespan of the grout is maximised. Therefore creating a cost-effective solution.

If you would like to enquire about the process of grout recolouring or would like to arrange a quotation we would be happy to help on 0800 695 7770.

Cleaning Grout Nottingham

By On September 22, 2015 No Comments

We were invited to recolour the grout on this stone floor in Nottingham. This was a BMW dealership in Nottingham and during the process of the survey it was identified that the incorrect grout was used on completion of the floor being laid.

Grout Cleaning WiltshireAs a result it had meant that the grout lines had become ingrained with dirt. The colour used was far lighter than the one that they had originally selected.

The speed to which the grout deteriorated meant that they were sure that a darker coloured grout would be much more suitable.

They discovered first hand that dirty grout lines look unsightly to both clients and employees. The original beige grout was replaced with a charcoal grout and the second image shows the results and improved look achieved, once completed.

Cleaning grout is an arduous task if incorrect products or techniques are selected. Grout cleaning and re-colouring grout services are fast-growing in their popularity. They offer clean results that are backed by a ten year guarantee.

Cleaning Grout WiltshireSpecialist cleaning products and techniques are used to complete the deep cleaning process. This is then followed by the application of an epoxy sealer to achieve a transformed and non-porous material.

We are often told that people were unaware of some of the services that we offer. Stone floor restoration provides exceptional results and we take great pride in the work that we complete.

If you would like to find out more about our stone cleaning services we invite you to call today on 0800 695 7770.

We look forward to hearing from you; we offer our services to Wiltshire, Berkshire and further afield as demand requires.

Polishing Limestone Tiles Oxford

By On June 11, 2014 No Comments

The variations of limestone flooring available are vast and this is likely one of the factors that make this natural stone flooring incredibly popular. As well as varying colourations and tile shapes, different stone finishes can be achieved with professional stone restoration services.

Polishing Limestone Oxford Limestone Floor Oxford










This forms part of our comprehensive and tailored service. On inspection of your stone floor, we take the time to discuss any areas of concern that you may have and the finishes that are achievable. We realise that this is an area of floor restoration that is completely personal and will inevitably play a pivotal role in the overall success of our work.

Limestone Restoration OxfordOur client wanted a high-shine finish to her limestone tiles so they were fully ground flat and then polished to a reflective finish using diamond abrasives. We are well-equipped and time-served professionals and take every opportunity to provide each and every client with confidence that they are dealing with a specialist that cares deeply about the finishes that we achieve and about our customers.

These images show the incredible transformation that we achieved and the limestone floor was left looking like new. Our state-of-the-art machinery allows us to offer superior results, efficiently. We also take the time to leave our clients well-informed about best-rated cleaning products and techniques to make sure that our results are long-lasting.

Have you got a question about restoring limestone floors? We also offer a grout re-colouring service if you are tired of looking at dirty grout lines. Cleaning grout is one of our most popular services and grout re-colouring uses an epoxy sealer which is applied to old, stained grout joints, transforming the look. This services also offers a 10 year guarantee.

Please call 0800 695 7770 with any enquiries; we look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Grout Cleaning Chippenham

By On February 20, 2012 No Comments

This was the worst grouting job I’ve ever seen!

Sealing the grout on natural stone tile walls is a particularly difficult task for the untrained householder. It is always best to seek the advice and expertise of a professionally trained tile and grout sealer.

This is an example of how applying grout to a slate bathroom wall in Chippenham went wrong. This customer approached us, asking for help to correct the problem.

The below pictures show just what a difference a professional can make.

Grout Cleaning OxfordshireGrout Cleaning BathGrout Cleaning DevizesGrout Cleaning Swindon













For any queries relating to tile and grout sealing please contact Mark.